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          Chat support suite

          Real-time support solution that’s super fast and oh so reliable.

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          Our flexible ticketing platform is a cinch to use for any agent.

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          FAQ BUILDER

          Speed up all your support processes with integrated FAQ pages.

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          Plugins & Integrations
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          Business Travel

          Chat service for Business Travel

          Offer chat to business travelers

          Executive travelers expect high-touch, timely service. Use LiveHelpNow to provide affordable real-time service while reducing your overall costs. Customize LiveHelpNow to reflect your brand and deliver seamless, efficient customer service to a demanding business clientele. With a variety of Cloud-based online tools at your service, you can offer competitive support and improve your company profits.

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          Business travel software helps you stay competitive

          The business travel industry is always on the go. LiveHelpNow lets you provide 24/7 service to your company travelers wherever they may be. You can customize the platform to reflect the look of your brand and the operation of your office. Our web platform gives you a full toolkit of capabilities to assist travelers in all time zones on their device of choice.

          Need to outsource your live chat support? No problem!

          HelpSquad offers trained live chat agents for your business.
          LiveHelpNow partnered with HelpSquad to offer 24/7 US Based chat service to field sales and support inquiries on your website

          Get HelpSquad chat service

          LiveHelpNow - Customer Service Software for the Business Travel industry that lets your website do the selling!

          Service for customers always on the move

          LiveHelpNow works as travel management software for your clients who may be anywhere in the world. Your customers can use the LiveHelpNow mobile app on iPhone or Android devices to take advantage of your services, or initiate a callback message. Your customers can contact you via online Chat, SMS-text messaging, or email ticket.

          Client inquiries appear on an integrated dashboard that enables you to assign tickets to your agents, understand status at a glance, and prioritize your callbacks. Email ticketing keeps messages in one place and gives your clients a self-service web portal that allows them to check the status of their email ticket while they are on the fly.

          LiveHelpNow doubles as new business software. Your Chat agents can easily welcome and guide new visitors on your website at the same time they are assisting existing business travelers in a Chat session. Serving new and existing clients at the same time in a friendly, effective way means you save overhead costs, improve your customer service, and enhance your bottom line.

          Take a look at how LiveHelpNow can work with your travel business

          When planning a trip, or when a business traveler is already on the road, accurate information saves time and money. An important feature of LiveHelpNow is the online Knowledge Base. Our easy-to-use tools help you to develop, set-up, and maintain an online information resource for your Chat agents, along with new and existing customers who visit your website. You can alter the content, change layouts, or tweak the design of knowledge articles with no need for technical support.

          Your knowledge library puts FAQs at the fingertips of your Chat agents for use when answering commonly asked questions. Enhance your articles with images, resource links, or videos to give your Chat contacts or website visitors access to information that answers their questions.

          LiveHelpNow also gives you a universal question and answer template so you can fill in and publish your unique answers to questions commonly asked by website visitors and Chat clients. When your customers have a question, you will have the answer.

          Help your business fly and reduce your costs with LiveHelpNow

          Provide professional service and reduce your operating costs. Don’t wait—try LiveHelpNow free for 30-days to find out how we can you help you more efficiently serve your clients and boost your business profits.

          Provide the best customer service possible

          Customer service is important in any industry, but the travel industry is unique. With so many options available to customers, agencies must take extra steps to set themselves apart from everyone else. Using livechat to provide insightful suggestions, or knowledge base to provide more accurate keyword search results are only two ways that LiveHelpNow can help. This web-based, interactive tool will help provide the best customer service possible through all phases of the sales process.

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