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          Chat support suite

          Real-time support solution that’s super fast and oh so reliable.

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          Our flexible ticketing platform is a cinch to use for any agent.

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          FAQ BUILDER

          Speed up all your support processes with integrated FAQ pages.

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          Medical Help

          Chat service for Medical Professional

          Interact with clients via online chat

          Whether you are a mental health or medical professional, LiveHelpNow offers you affordable, easy-to-use, best practices customer management software. Save time, serve clients, and tune-up your office by using an integrated communications platform to meet the needs of your growing practice. Offer real-time Chat help, refer patients to knowledge base articles, and gain valuable insight into how clients are finding your website—all with LiveHelpNow.

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          Connecting patient with practitioner through Cloud-based communication tools

          Health care is a large and growing field. Whether you offer nutritional advice, counseling, or massage therapy, you need streamlined tools to connect with your clients, answer questions, schedule appointments, and share information.

          It is essential to use efficient, affordable practice management software. LiveHelpNow delivers a full suite of communications tools that helps remain competitive—for a surprisingly low monthly cost.

          Need to outsource your live chat support? No problem!

          HelpSquad offers trained live chat agents for your business.
          LiveHelpNow partnered with HelpSquad to offer 24/7 US Based chat service to field sales and support inquiries on your website

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          LiveHelpNow - Help desk software for the health care industry that lets your website do the helping!

          Live Chat

          Your staff can install and train on LiveHelpNow within minutes. With live Chat, you are never out of contact with your patient group. Even if your medical practice is closed, or the phone lines are busy, your staff or Chat agent can readily handle patients with questions via an integrated dashboard that organizes all of your incoming calls and queries on one screen.

          No more lost emails, or important phone calls not returned. Using live Chat creates a record and a profile for each caller, letting you better understand your patients each time they reach out. When you pull up their profile, their history is instantly available to your staff. Instead of one phone call at a time, your staff or Chat agents can handle multiple calls, answering questions, scheduling and changing appointments, and offering information—all through your interactive website.

          Secure information

          Most practitioners in the health care field are working within a regulated environment. With LiveHelpNow, you have access to our proprietary Secure Forms tool, which allows you to create customized forms to share information between your office and your patient during a Chat session. This tool is HIPAA- and PCI-compliant and provides a secure environment to exchange even sensitive health, credit card, or social security information.

          Improve your financial outlook with real-time analytics delivered daily

          As a medical health professional or provider, you may not have time to evaluate whether your patient service is where it should be—how many people are calling your practice, how many are dropping Chat sessions, how many calls were not returned? LiveHelpNow helps you understand how your office is serving your patient population. You or your office manager can easily evaluate if you are delivering high quality patient care when a client reaches out to your office.

          Offer information your patients want

          Your staff and your Chat agents probably know the type of questions your practice receives on a daily basis. With LiveHelpNow, you can create informative, approved articles that Chat agents can provide to patients. Publish these standardized knowledge articles on your website to offer visitors an understanding of the expertise they can expect from your office. Save calls to your office on a wide variety of topics—and provide the knowledge your patients seek. Plus, a strong knowledge library can even improve your search engine rankings.

          All medical office software is not created equal—try LiveHelpNow

          From an office PC, your Chat agent can handle multiple inquiries via online Chat, SMS-text messaging or email tickets. Don’t wait! Get an idea of how you can save time and money managing your practice with a free 30-day trial of LiveHelpNow. Contact us today.

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